Meridia Appraisal Group has had an unbelievable first six weeks in business.  Appointments, meetings, new clients, and deadlines have resulted in a flurry of activity and excitement.  Several people have asked where our office is located.  We are located in the Alamo Towers East building near Broadway and Loop 410. 

During the daily commute, I am often impressed by the density of office development.  The linkages in the North Central office submarket are very good and have allowed the office node along Loop 410 to flourish.  Linkages are time and distance relationships which include transportation and utilities.  Linkages are critical for higher density development.  For office buildings, the most important linkages are proximity to the highway system, convenience to employee and executive housing, and support facilities.

The office node centered around Loop 410 and Highway 281 benefits from vehicular transportation linkages and proximity to the airport and the CBD.  This area is also close to employee and executive housing.  The neighborhoods of Olmos Park, Alamo Heights, and Terrell Hills are within a short commute.  Finally, this office node has ample supporting facilities including hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment.  These linkages have resulted in the second densest area of development in San Antonio, behind the CBD.

As cities increase in size and urban density, office buildings cluster in distinct nodes.  As San Antonio continues to grow and expand, new office development has shifted northwest towards the intersection of Interstate Highway 10 and Loop 1604.  This area has seen considerable new office development.  Several large employers for San Antonio are located in this area including KCI, Security Service, Valero, Medtronic, and Nustar.  This office node benefits from many of the positive linkages discussed previously: good transportation, proximity to executive and employee housing, ample support facilities, and a multitude of entertainment and shopping options.


NuStar Corporate Campus

It is fascinating to watch San Antonio grow and develop.  While our commercial development does not match the levels of Houston or Dallas, San Antonio is progressing at its own sustainable pace.



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