Light the Night

Meridia Appraisal Group was happy to participate in the 15th annual Light the Night walk in downtown San Antonio.  The Light the Night walk supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and raised more than $900,000.  An estimated 12,000 people walked the streets of downtown San Antonio to shed light on the dark world of cancer. Continue reading

To Be Or Not To Be – The Sale Selection Process

I received a call last week from a property owner.  He kindly inquired about our report and why a sale in the same business park was not included as a comparable.  This is not an unusual question and there are a lot of factors in determining which comparables to utilize.  However, in this particular instance we could not confirm the sales price.  Continue reading

Commitment to Continuing Education

Meridia Appraisal Group is committed to continuing education and staying current with market trends and analytical techniques for appraisal practitioners.  As market cycles and economies fluctuate, an appraiser must have the ability to understand and interpret market trends.  Moreover, as the appraisal industry continues to evolve, in large part due to technological advances, appraisers must continue to educate themselves.  Continue reading

Eagle Ford Shale

San Antonio has been fortunate enough to weather the past recession due to a growing population base and stable economy.  Our economy has been bolstered by the tailwinds of the Eagle Ford Shale play.  As appraisers it has been interesting to watch the magnitude of the play develop and grow over the past few years.  For those unfamiliar with the region, a summary of the Eagle Ford Shale and its economic impact is provided below.    Continue reading

What does it all mean?

Gross building area, usable area, rentable area, gross leasable area?  What does it all mean? In the San Antonio market, industrial, office, and retail properties all trade based on the square foot unit of comparison.  While the square foot unit of comparison is constant, there are different building area measurements utilized for different property types.  Understanding the building area measurements and the property types they are associated with is often a source of confusion.  This blog article will help to clarify this confusion by outlining the different types of building area measurements and when they are most commonly utilized.  Continue reading

Status Update and a Thank You or Two

As we close out the month of July, it seems like a good time to reflect back on the past two months, which can best be described as “unbelievable”.  There have been a lot of really great moments and experiences along with a few learning opportunities.  As is typical with any new business, the work hours have been intense.  However, the opportunity to meet and network with some really great business leaders has made the journey worthwhile. Continue reading

Northwest Growth

The northwest quadrant of San Antonio is one of the best examples of a neighborhood in a growth cycle.  As highlighted in the previous blog article, this area has excellent linkages and several major employers have recently relocated to the neighborhood.  In addition to the new office development there is significant retail, medical office, and light industrial development currently under construction.  Continue reading

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