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Commitment to Continuing Education

Meridia Appraisal Group is committed to continuing education and staying current with market trends and analytical techniques for appraisal practitioners.  As market cycles and economies fluctuate, an appraiser must have the ability to understand and interpret market trends.  Moreover, as the appraisal industry continues to evolve, in large part due to technological advances, appraisers must continue to educate themselves.  Continue reading

What does it all mean?

Gross building area, usable area, rentable area, gross leasable area?  What does it all mean? In the San Antonio market, industrial, office, and retail properties all trade based on the square foot unit of comparison.  While the square foot unit of comparison is constant, there are different building area measurements utilized for different property types.  Understanding the building area measurements and the property types they are associated with is often a source of confusion.  This blog article will help to clarify this confusion by outlining the different types of building area measurements and when they are most commonly utilized.  Continue reading