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To Be Or Not To Be – The Sale Selection Process

I received a call last week from a property owner.  He kindly inquired about our report and why a sale in the same business park was not included as a comparable.  This is not an unusual question and there are a lot of factors in determining which comparables to utilize.  However, in this particular instance we could not confirm the sales price.  Continue reading

Commitment to Continuing Education

Meridia Appraisal Group is committed to continuing education and staying current with market trends and analytical techniques for appraisal practitioners.  As market cycles and economies fluctuate, an appraiser must have the ability to understand and interpret market trends.  Moreover, as the appraisal industry continues to evolve, in large part due to technological advances, appraisers must continue to educate themselves.  Continue reading

When will my appraisal report be completed?

A client called me up this past week.  I was discussing with him how to best customize our appraisal report to meet his needs.  The conversation went well and he gave me instructions to proceed with the assignment.  Before hanging up, his final question was a common one for practitioners in our industry.  He asked, “When will my appraisal report be completed?” Continue reading

Meridia Appraisal Group is officially open for business! 

The company is a collaborative effort between Brandon Brehm and William Robinson and is committed to the principles of honesty, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Meridia Appraisal Group’s mission is to provide the highest quality appraisal and consulting services in an expedited manner while striving for unmatched client satisfaction.  Continue reading