Meridia Appraisal Group strives to maintain lofty standards by concentrating on five core competencies.

It is our belief that education is one of the primary keys to lasting success and continuous innovation. In addition to being Certified General appraisers by the State of Texas, the founding principals have been awarded the prestigious MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. This is the highest appraisal designation conferred by the Appraisal Institute to practitioners in the industry.

In addition, the firm has extensive training in Argus Software including discounted cash flow modeling of multi-tenant properties and portfolios. The Argus training enables Meridia Appraisal Group to value complex property types while ensuring the highest quality work product.

The commercial real estate industry is dynamic and has been experiencing rapid advancements in terms of the technologies currently being utilized to market, sell, and value commercial properties. At Meridia Appraisal Group, we utilize the most sophisticated tools available in the industry to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible products. Through the Site To Do Business, Meridia Appraisal Group is able to offer our clients robust market analysis. The demographic and statistical data from this program allows our appraisers to complete complex valuation assignments with increased property specific data. Meridia Appraisal Group also has extensive experience in Argus Software. Argus is the industry gold standard for commercial real estate cash flow projection, investment, and the valuation of complex multi-tenant properties.

Data and research is the lifeblood of a quality appraisal report. Over our many years of service, we have established lasting relationships with professional organizations including the Appraisal Institute and various other brokers, investors, developers, and analysts. We leverage these relationships to provide our clients with current and up to date market information and research. This significantly improves and enhances the overall quality of our reports.

We pride ourselves on industry leading turnaround times. When days and weeks can make the difference in securing business for our clients, Meridia Appraisal Group strives to meet every deadline, every time. We communicate throughout the appraisal process with our clients to ensure timelines are being met and deadlines are kept. Our clients appreciate this open form of communication and we have found it streamlines the appraisal process, ultimately resulting in a quality product that meets our client’s needs.

Reducing errors and omissions through an extensive review process results in increased customer confidence and satisfaction in our work. At Meridia Appraisal Group we accomplish this through an extensive review process whereby a minimum of two MAI designated appraisers read every report for grammatical errors, as well as, appraisal related issues such as: USPAP compliance, scope of work issues, conformity issues, analysis issues, etc. The end result of this rigorous review process is a product that is written to the client’s needs and wants.

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